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In corporation with Pharmassist Ltd.


Pharmassist Ltd.

Pharmassist's R&D Department is focusing on the development and commercialization of novel molecular diagnostic products in the oncology field.

Our business strategy on the development of CE-IVD diagnostic products has started since 2014, acquiring our key assets through the building of our own patent portfolio and trademark/brand name. Until now, Pharmassist has acquired nine (9) granted patents under its name by PCT and national applications in the major market areas such as USA, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, Hong Kong and Israel:

  • EP3198026
  • US 15/501,457
  • CA2957396
  • ZL201580052321.9
  • IL250392
  • JP6770957
  • HK1241934
  • EP3368683
  • GR1009872

Pharmassist makes use of new privately owned manufacturing facilities, operating in accordance with all relevant quality standards and has been certified according to ISO 9001ISO 13485 requirements and Manufacturing License for IVD medical devices.

Our vision is to provide innovative, timely, and integrity actionable diagnostic information in every patient, enhancing the precision strategy for cancer treatment and improving the health outcome.

Oncolipsy kits are high-throughput PCR-based assays that are used for downstream analysis of nucleic acids including DNA mutations or mRNA expression transcripts, providing rapid and accurate results in tumor and liquid biopsy material. CTC molecular characterization requires assays with high sensitivity and specificity to be used as diagnostic tools for detecting druggable biomarkers, aiding treatment decisions in the clinical setting.